Which is the best AI chatbot of 2019?

With Ada, you just have a single tool to manage SMS campaigns, email campaigns, landing pages, and chatbots. Ubisend offers a custom pricing plan where you can pay according to your business needs. The pricing will include the cost of a single sign-on, managed infrastructure, and priority training. Artificial Solutions offers a custom pricing plan for enterprises. The interface is easy to understand so literally anyone can build bots.


It is possible to use custom domain entities and relations and create a custom model for some APIs. Besides IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, other IBM Watson tools can be applied for building a chatbot. Android, Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby, .NET, OpenWhisk, Salesforce, Swift, and Unity SDKs are available in IBM Watson for developers. This type of solution is a relatively new arrival on the scene. It comes as no surprise that in a race to adopt AI and conversational technologies, companies are moving as quickly as they can.

World’s Top Chatbot Platforms

It features an abstraction module to simplify the implementation of the app’s business logic across different voice and chat services as well. Collect.chat lets you develop a chatbot that assists in qualifying and converting your visitors into customer via engaging them in conversation instead of filling forms. Collect.chat is mainly used for building email lists, scheduling appointments, providing lead generation, collecting feedback from surveys and providing guidance on products or services. With the chatbot market size set to exceed more than $1.34 billion by 2024, there are a plethora of chatbot builders out there. Acquire chatbots are easy to set up with a visual editor, allowing you to create custom flows that work for your brand’s needs. The platform integrates with a number of third-party bot providers, making it easy for brands to leverage additional libraries.

best chatbot platform 2019

Hopefully, if you are using the platform, you’ve already enjoyed this feature. Quite apart from the value of voice for accessibility it is a huge addition to the options available in creating a personality for your bot. Adding the option of listening to the chatbot is a matter of just a few clicks. Natural Language Processing is the name given to software algorithms that attempt to make sense of conversation. The ability of software to successfully identify entities or intents came on in leaps and bounds generally across the world.

How To Choose The Right Chatbot Platform?

When a workflow is triggered, this is called an ‘interaction’. The flow listens for the specific keywords or phrases as triggers and responds with answers, web links, images, or payment requests. The second platform lets you create online chatbots quickly and easily without coding .

best chatbot platform 2019

Chatfuel comes with a selection of community-built templates suitable for a wide range of industries to help with marketing, sales and support. A chatbot publishing platform is a channel through which the chatbot can be accessed by the users. Channels like Facebook Messenger and Slack fall in this category.

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We’ve heard from readers at companies experiencing these kinds of significant challenges that seem to come from a lack of oversight or a unifying strategy, processes, policies or guidelines. It’s easy to imagine why this quickly becomes painful to companies. Msg.ai is a scalable, reliable, and secure multilingual platform that creates AI solutions for excellent customer service . It helps resolve repeatable customer needs and lets human agents focus on important tasks. BMW, Heinz, Grundfos, Nespresso, Signal, Singtel, Sony Pictures, Target, The Anne Frank House, Tommy Hilfiger, WestJet, and others use Msg.ai.

  • With Ada, you just have a single tool to manage SMS campaigns, email campaigns, landing pages, and chatbots.
  • Building the chat flows is quite easy once you get a hang of the tool.
  • A Bot Analysis tool allows you to view necessary information including successfully handled and unhandled user utterances, task execution failures, script, and service performance.
  • No, as far as I see from their website they are promoting services of botmakers.net which is using chatfuel or manychat templates.
  • The simulator allows you to control you bot experience with features like memory display.
  • Alternative WordPress chatbot plugins typically offer a single limited feature, for example, to improve an onsite shopping experience or to send newsletters.

Alexa for Business uses information from devices, user accounts and skills in your company to perform requested actions. You can get started with Botsify for free or sign up to a paid plan, which start from $10/month. Chatbots are blowing up across industries ranging from banking and fintech, to digital health and insurance. I have stumbled upon your version of the list and unfortunately haven’t seen my company in it.

Best Chatbot Platform#7: Flow XO

AmplifyReach is already integrated with top CRMs and can be integrated with any backend system using REST APIs . The platform does not require any machine learning or coding knowledge. The embedded Natural Language Classifier executes on IAB standard taxonomy-based classification and is applied for web pages and text categorization. Without training the chatbot replies fast to FAQs from your knowledge best chatbot platform 2019 base and other sources, distinguishes between FAQ and active task. Analytics tools and a Dashboard allow you to track current chats, chatbot performance and failure points, agent performance, visitor initiated and proactive chat details with respect to channels and more . Motion AI that was recently acquired by HubSpot is a platform that enables you to create and customize bots without coding skills .

11% of the world’s total population uses one of Facebook’s messaging apps. With access to an audience this large, you are sure to increase your marketing reach and power. Another powerful feature of Facebook Messenger marketing is the ability to connect your Messenger contact list with an RSS feed. Every time you publish something to the feed, it will send your mailing list a link to the content along with a custom message.


For the average user, Ubuntu simply isn’t as easy, intuitive or user-friendly as Windows. One of the big downsides of any open-source technology is the steep learning curve. Ana’s SDK’s ensure that you can integrate Ana into your app in a matter of minutes. Botpress built using a developer-friendly environment, has an intuitive dashboard, and is powered by flexible technology.

  • And for developers, they have access to a number of advanced tools to build complex bots which can be customized and integrated into a number of channels.
  • Generally speaking, chatbots streamline the interactions your customer has with you.
  • Aivo collects customer data for customized solutions and has enough memory to deliver coherence during long conversations.
  • Each of the criteria we evaluated platforms against is described in greater detail below.
  • For those companies who’d prefer the human touch, but cannot afford to hire someone to run their live chat in-house, there is another option – managed live chat.
  • Intercom offers a range of chatbot solutions, from bots that can aid with sales and marketing, to customer support bots that focus on providing answers and guidance.