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Read this web page to seek out out the that means of the initialism “IYKYK” (“IYKYK Meaning”), the place it came from firsthand and a few examples of how you would possibly incorporate it right into a dialog. In this text, I’ll cowl a few of the assorted functions of this acronym. There seems to be little use in additional hesitation, so let’s dive right into the specifics. It could additionally be used alongside inside jokes, innuendos, obscure references, memes, seemingly harmless photos, and tons of different forms of content that are directed at people who perceive the joke or reference being made. As we’re growing up, we realised that with each talking stage, with each situationship and with each new relationship, the standard of our companions just get progressively worse.

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In this episode, we’re joined by host of Liquid Courage Podcast, Clement Lee as he graces us with his presence and (SUS AF) presents. If you need to use IYKYK, make a social publish with a refined trace to an event, expertise, or shared curiosity that not everybody shares. Don’t give away too much, or the post will cease to be a enjoyable, inside reference between you and others. If it’s on a large, public platform like TikTok or Twitter, the content is in all probability going making an attempt to appeal to a particular but giant audience.

Does it really feel “better” to be the elder, the baby of the household or somewhere in between? Join us as we talk about our experiences with our personal siblings and how we still come to like them at the finish of the day, it would not matter what. Let’s be real, we’re all getting kinda sick of the varied stages earlier than getting along with a associate. Talking phases, gamers and cheaters, ghosting one another… What’s the cope with treating dating and relationships like being in a game? Watch us deliberate over why relationship actually does not have to be as difficult as everybody makes it out to be today.


It is typically used to describe something that is solely identified or understood by a certain group of individuals. “IYKYK” is commonly used as a response to someone who is asking for information that the person doesn’t have. Moreover, it can also be used as a way to boast about knowing one thing that others don’t or to make somebody really feel included or excluded.

Most of the time, when individuals say “IYKYK,” they’re referring to a particular prank, television collection, and even personal experience. It additionally has the potential to allude to an inside quip that only a select few people get. Whether you’re utilizing “IYKYK” in a written piece, a comment, or even a verbal change, keep in mind that you’re referring to a subject that, in principle, everybody should already understand. Iykyk is an abbreviation of the phrase if you know, you know.


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“If you had been there, you’d know; whereas when you weren’t, you wouldn’t really. Adolescent nonsense, for sure” is how Urban Dictionary describes the colloquialism “IYKYK”. As an acronym, “IYKYK” is frequently seen in texting and social media comments, generally as the hashtag #iykyk. It’s an abbreviation, but it’s normally pronounced as if it were the entire phrase. During the late 2010s, the time period was largely popularized by two main developments. Firstly, the hit track from rapper PUSHA T, titled “If You Know You Know,” was one element that saw the expression showing in tweets and Reddit posts shortly after.

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The abbreviation iykyk is often utilized in texts and online posts, usually because the hashtag #iykyk. Even although it’s abbreviated, it’s often read out as the complete phrase. In this modern day and age, it is little doubt that social media has consumed the majority of our lives — using it as our go to form of communication and/or entertainment. Have we lost observe the balance between being on-line and being current within the moment?

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Is having an unhealthy man to girl good friend ratio a red flag? Do our private preferences and habits entice pals of the other gender? In this Spotify exclusive, Raine and Nicole discuss why there’s a lot flack surrounding the narrative of having extra friends of the other gender. For instance, if you’ve been hopping on Zoom film nights with your folks for the previous few days, something funny might have happened in one of those calls.